Have you ever wondered how all those apps get onto your Phone? Someone has to program them! Steve jobs said in a 1996 interview: I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer. Do you agree with Steve? So what is programming exactly? What do you need to create an app that runs on your iPhone or Android device? If you have little or no experience in programming, live in Berlin and want to get into app development, my free training might be for you!

What is app development for everyone?

App development for everyone is a free training that I organise via a meetup. During this training you learn how to program. We use Visual Studio and the programming language C# for this. I focus on beginners so we start with the basics like programming languages, platforms, variables, loops, datatypes, statements and expressions. Once we have the basics covered, I teach you how to bring things together to create an app or game.

Is it free?

Yes. This training is free and will remain free. I started programming in 1984 and cannot remember a time since without working with computers. I truly love programming and like to share my knowledge with everyone who wants to learn. When friends and colleagues asked me if I could teach them how to write apps, this training was born. I work for Microsoft Berlin and may use our office as training facility. Microsoft is kind enough to provide the drinks and food during the meetup.

Loek typing code

What do you need?

When and where?

The training is every second thursday and starts at 19:00 in our Berlin office. Feel free to come by around 18:30 and have some pizza and drinks with us. After the meetup you are welcome to stay and discuss what we learned or ask any question you have regarding programming.

For the exact dates and location, please register at https://www.meetup.com/app-development-for-everyone

How long is the course?

As long as it takes. You need to practise again and again. I believe people need to come back often and refresh.

Training material

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