Store apache files in a Dropbox folder on OSX Mountain Lion

This tutorial shows you how to restore your /Sites folder and create a symlink to your Dropbox Folder

When you use Apache on OSX Mountain Lion, you may have noticed the ~/Sites folder is not used by default anymore. This means you cannot run websites at localhost/username out of the box. Localhost points to the physical location ~/Library/WebServer/Document and on my machine I was not able to create a symlink from this location to my Dropbox folder

Restore /Sites folder

On my machine this is: /Users/loek/Sites

cd /etc/apache2/users
sudo nano loek.conf

Where you replace loek with your own username

<Directory "/Users/loek/Sites">
Options Indexes Multiviews
AllowOverride All
Order allow,deny
Allow from all

Where you replace loek with your own username

By now you should be able to run a website at localhost/loek


sudo ln -s ~/Sites ~/Dropbox/Sites


Removing the link should not delete the files in the target location but I recommend backing them up anyway. I’ll wait…

rm ~/Dropbox/Sites

The SymLink should be gone now. Please be careful with Terminal commands. You can do some serious harm to your machine using them and when in doubt…don’t use them!