No quote until I press space on my keyboard

I have an english version of Windows 7 installed, use dutch regional settings and I use –what I think is– a normal keyboard. One that has roughly the same layout as my first AT80286. But yesterday I re-installed my Laptop and when I type a quote (“), I don’t get a quote until I press space. Apostrophes don’t work either. Or work too good and I get two of them. People tell me this is a great feature because it allows you to put accents on characters. Like quote+e gives you ë. But I really don’t want this. I just want the character I type. Call me crazy. Just to make sure I won’t forget how to fix this for future installations, I will blog about it. Just for me ;-)

I open the regional settings, click the tab “keyboards and languages” and click Change Keyboard. This is what I see:

How I choose the correct input language:

  1. Click Add and select an english input language with keyboard US
  2. Hit OK and make the new input language the default input language
  3. Select Dutch (Netherlands) and Remove

It should look like this:

‘And” “now’ ‘all’ “my” ‘quotes work!”


In windows 8 the language preferences look like this:update no quote

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