Using HEX colors in unity

Unity supports hex colors with TryParseHtmlString and by creating a Color32 object and feed it hex values for r, g, b and a.

ToColor extension method

Many years ago I wrote a ToColor extension method to use in XAML apps. It converts strings like FFFF00, #FF0000 and #FF345699 to XAML colors and brushes. I modified the code to support unity colors and here is how you can use it in your project:

using System;
using UnityEngine;

public static class StringEx
    // Example: "#ff000099".ToColor() red with alpha ~50%
    // Example: "ffffffff".ToColor() white with alpha 100%
    // Example: "00ff00".ToColor() green with alpha 100%
    // Example: "0000ff00".ToColor() blue with alpha 0%
    public static Color ToColor(this string color)
        if (color.StartsWith("#", StringComparison.InvariantCulture))
            color = color.Substring(1); // strip #

        if (color.Length == 6)
            color += "FF"; // add alpha if missing

        var hex = Convert.ToUInt32(color, 16);
        var r = ((hex & 0xff000000) >> 0x18) / 255f;
        var g = ((hex & 0xff0000) >> 0x10) / 255f;
        var b = ((hex & 0xff00) >> 8) / 255f;
        var a = ((hex & 0xff)) / 255f;

        return new Color(r, g, b, a);

How to use the ToColor extension method?

ToColor accepts:

Here are some examples:

var red = "#ff0000".ToColor();
var green = "00FF00".ToColor();
var blue50percent = "#0000ff99".ToColor();

If you feed the function with any other format, it will crash spectacularly.

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