Sync folders outside your Dropbox folder on OSX Lion

I use Dropbox to sync my Development folder between a few machines. The development folder must be in my Dropbox folder but Apache on OSX uses ~/Sites to host websites. I don’t want to move this folder to my Dropbox folder but do want to share it with my other machines.

A shortcut to a target folder would only synchronize itself (the shortcut) but a SymLink synchronizes it’s target folder with my other machines.

Both are the default locations.

sudo ln -s ~/Sites ~/Dropbox/Sites


Removing the link should not delete the files in the target location but I recommend backing them up anyway. I’ll wait…

rm ~/Dropbox/Sites

The SymLink should be gone now. Please be careful with Terminal commands. You can do some serious harm to your machine using them and when in doubt…don’t use them!

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