Are you looking for help with your project? Do your employees need a knowledge boost? Or just a refreshing overview? Let me assist you with designing and building your Windows universal application. I’ll teach your Microsoft professionals how to build apps for the Windows 10 Universal Application Platform with XAML and C# and coach them on the job.

Why hire me?

Because you want to benefit from my 20 years of experience creating beautiful software that people love to use. I am very passionate and get the job done. I separate the sense and non-sense in modern development for you and use my teaching and coaching skills to share knowledge with your employees.

Here is a list of customers and employers that make me very proud to have worked for

And this is what they say about me

I have worked with Loek for over a year now and he keeps amazing me with his customer focus and ability to come up with creative concepts for his customers. He ia a very smart, creative and diligent individual who is persistent in getting results and is passionate about his work. ~ Mark Voermans, Microsoft I know Loek as a very talented person. Loek has the rare combination of very good technical knowledge and the skills to present this in a way that is very inspiring. ~ Hans Odenthal, Sioux Embedded Systems I met Loek in 2008 when searching for a software developer and user experience designer to create a specialized webapplication framework. Loek is very passionate in his work and focuses on delivering the best quality possible withing the given timeframe and budget. ~ Hans van de Ven, Please Payroll I think it says mountains that this is the second time we have asked Loek to provide his input and polish in the finalization of a project. Furthermore, I am already eager for him to return in the next one. Loek's ability to understand the fundamental requirements of a user and translate this to an intuitive and attractive interface in unrivaled. His strong arguments and sound reasoning make him a valuable member of the team. His knowledge promotes him to teacher and coach of his colleagues, a role his personality allows him to excel at. ~ Stuart Shand, Philips Healtcare

All you need to remember is that...

...if you are looking for a Windows 10 partner, I'm available to help. I'm based in Berlin and provide training and consultancy all over Germany. In english or german of course. Or dutch if you prefer that.